Room catastrophe

I couldn’t wait for my room to be redone, we just finished putting up the sheetrock and putting down the linoleum. We went to the store to pick out a paint color for my room I chose a light grayish color and a white trim. I could literally scream, my room was almost done. We went up to the counter to get the paint mixed and when we got our paint mixed someone else was at the counter and they asked for paint to, when we got home we all got in bad clothes to paint, we started to paint but it was the wrong color it was a bright coral pink! I didn’t want this color it was ugly. The paint was coral it should be gray. It really matters I start to cry inside and mom took me back to get the right color. I love my new room.


I opened up my birthday present and when I looked into the box, to find it was empty. What a surprise! I thought my mom was joking around with me. She pulls out an amazon box and i open I look inside of the box and I’m shook. I got the James Charles palette, I have always wanted one and now I have one! I am so happy I could scream. My reaction is running up and hugging her but I don’t want to embarrass myself.

Monday night dinner

We were making our homemade Italian cesar chicken with oil, vinegar, bread crumbs and a chicken breast. All of these can be found at the grocery store. We started by adding the chicken to a pan, then we add 1 tablespoon of oil. We added 3 tablespoons of vinegar. We added a sprinkle of bread crumbs. When we cooked the chicken we cut it up and severed it on the  plates and we also got rice and corn. I went to try the chicken and the vinegar was too sharp. It was so bitter and sour. I did not eat the chicken. Ewwwww.

Our famous reality tv show

I turned on our television I flipped through the channels news …boring, cooking shows…annoying, then I see us on tv. We seemed to be on the television, but why? We had always told ourselves we would be famous one day. But I  guess now we really are . It all happened money would be pouring at dad but that wasn’t true it took us weeks, months, and years. Finally we were rich. I’m glad we have not started to argue with each other. This is the story of how we got famous.

The cursed tree


   Mom told this story every christmas, it goes like this…

One hundred years ago this tree  was just a stump. This stump was tall, round, and kids would play on it. But the worst part was there was cockroaches living in this stump. Mom said when she played on the stump she went home and got hosed down.  This bike was crashed in the tree when a teenager was hiking the woods and a bear was chasing the teenager and eventually the teenager was looking back at the bear the teen crashed into the tree and that was the last time the family saw the poor teen. That teenagers name was Arnold Samuels, my great  grandpa . My grandpa went missing on this date of November 19, 1918. Every year we celebrate him.

Birthday drama


I walked to this mysterious door in the backyard I went to open the door and I felt a nudge at the doorknob and I opened it there in the doorway  was a big dalmatian dog.I was puzzled but why a dog? Was I in trouble? Did I do anything wrong? My mom had told me my present was in the backyard. Was this it?  My dad had lived miles away but he said he would drop a present off. My mom came out and said “your present is over here”. I now knew this wasn’t my present at least not from my mom. I thought now it was from my dad when my mom goes back inside I open the door and I see… . To be continued.

Because I said so!

This week’s prompt will have you all imagining someone saying this I’m sure! In fact, I think I have been guilty of saying it!

The prompt is:

… because I said so…

When I imagine this prompt I  think of my mom telling my brother not to do something and then my brother saying “why”? And mom saying because I said so. My brother likes to dig in our backyard and my mom tells him not to because my mom doesn’t want her yard tore up. My dad on the other hand tells my brother to keep digging so Karsyn can find the drill bit he lost in the dirt. You would think my dad wouldn’t encourage my brother to dig when he is not supposed to. Yesterday my mom walked out to my brother digging and she said “stop”! And Karsyn said “why”? And mom said “because I said so”. That is what reminds me of a time when somebody said because I said so.


Day 1

October 3,2018

The mesoamerica timeline says the olmec were the first civilization, then the zeptaec, then the maya.


October 10,2018


Zeptaec used english.

The zeptaec preferred to be called the Didxazon.


The didxazon had 1,000,000 people in their civilization.


Zapotec woman had an important role to play. Zapotec women had to make wool and everything a mayan women had to do. However, zapotec men had a lot more to do than, be a warrior. Men had to help the women make wool and get food men had so many jobs but they got payed in…..crops? Men had a lot to do and if some men proved they were worthy enough they became king.  



Zapotec hunted for meat and made traps for fish the zapotec had discovered 100 different ways to trap fish! The most commons crops were corn, beans, and squash the three sisters.


                            Language arts


    The zapotec used zapotec writing. And spoke english. Archaeologists still can’t find out if it is hieroglyphics or some unknown writing nobody has figured out.




The zapotec made rugs and sold them at farmers markets for crops. People would haul a wagon of crops around just to pay for rugs.

Fourth Grade Flashback





Latest prompt

We have a set of 5 words for this week. As usual, they must all be in the post but can be in any order. They are:

Bath   Fighter   Danced Orange   Clumsily


Today we had a field trip to the new york state museum. We saw old huts and bikes and we even saw a train and a longhouse you could walk inside of. We had wondered why we saw old houses but we didn’t see any old bath tubs. When we reached the 9/11 section my favorite part was seeing old firefighter gear and old orange-ish trucks. People danced across the mini television in the wall. We laughed clumsily at Kelly for being afraid of all the fake animal exhibits.  By the time we had lunch we were able to sit with our friends and not worry about the treasure hunt our prize was riding the carousel and putting our best work towards being safe. That is my flashback to fourth grade.


When someone says smile it reminded me of a time when my mom said smile and I fell off of a slide. Why did i fall of the slide because I was standing. My mom told me to sit and I didnt listen. What did mom mean when she said why do you have to be the most… daredevil child. I paused “what”?  I mean you are the craziest kid of all of them. I know I stated in pain. “You just fell off the tallest slide.” My sister stated “cool”. I said “ NOT cool”. And rolled my eyes. That is why I don’t like ladders or slides or heights.